Frequently Asked Questions


What is the acronym WCW?

WCW stands for Withdraw Cash Wednesday.

How can I promote consumer cash usage?

The Withdraw Cash Wednesday social media campaign is designed to promote consumer cash usage by reminding consumers to withdraw cash from the ATM every Wednesday for their weekend endeavors. Backed by ATMIA, the campaign is designed to promote cash use to:  

  • Foster financial inclusion across all socioeconomic groups
  • Help consumers spend smarter, manage debt and save money
  • Drive ATM use and grow transaction volume
  • Combat the war to eliminate cash being waged by some electronic payment entities

All ATM owners and operators, and businesses that sell products and services to the ATM industry, are encouraged to become sponsors of the Withdraw Cash Wednesday Pro Cash Newsletter. Introductory level sponsorship entitles your firm to publish an article, blog or ad with your logo and a paragraph description about your company. The newsletter is stored on the Withdraw Cash Wednesday and ATMIA websites for eighteen months.  This is excellent coverage and marketing for minimal cost. And most importantly, sponsorship helps ATMIA and the industry to continue our efforts to promote cash.

Where can I download the logo?

All members and sponsors of WCW have access to these logos for download. You can find them under the resources tab 'WCW MEDIA KIT'.

Is there a sponsorship form?

Absolutely! If you are an ATM operator or a retailer, you can support this campaign through sponsorships. Visit our Sponsorship Form page under the Resources tab for more information.

Our Generous Sponsors


A special thank you to all our sponsors for their generosity and support. Consumers, retailers, and the ATM industry all benefit from the use of cash as a form of payment. Please visit our sponsorship page below to see how your organization can support Withdraw Cash Wednesday.

Sponsorship Page

Platinum Sponsor

Purchase Withdraw Cash Wednesday decals, posters, wraps and more from here.  

2020 Pro Cash Newsletter Sponsors

  • Promarc
  • Cashway Fintech Co., Ltd
  • KICTeam
Any donation helps in supporting the cash movement: Donate Now

WCW Consortium Partners

WCW is brought to you by ATMIA and a consortium of member companies. WCW’s mission is to promote cash withdrawals during the busiest spend time of year to increase ATM use and industry visibility, while helping both retailers and consumers.